Manual Range

Manual Range

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  • Model : MS10
  • Capacity : 1000kg

Technical Specification :

Support Nylon(2) 180 x 50 mm
Load Nylon (2) 82 x 70 mm

Lift Height h 3 1600 2450
Lowered Height h 1 2000 1780
Raised Height h 4 2000 2920
Fork Dimensions 1150x560

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Model : PV20 EWS
Capacity : 2000kg
Electronic Weighing Scale
Provided with an integrated weighing scale with printers as an option
Model : PV25 SS/G
Capacity : 2500kg
Stainless Steel / Galvanised :
For use in damp and corrosive environments. Ideal for chemical, paper, leather, food processing industries and cold storage
Model : PV12 PRV
Capacity : 1200kg
Paper Roll Vesion :
Useful for carrying cylindrical loads such as paper rolls and drums (750 mm -1200 mm diameter)
Easy Operation : Entry / Exit rollers for effortless operation
Responsive Hydraulic System The hydraulic pump is easy to operate and has an in built automatic neutral position
Firm Anchoring : Supporting clamps in front of the rollers to reduce risk of tipping over
Weighting Scale Display Unit : Weight indication on the display can be pounds or kilogram
Robust Stability : Side stabilizers ensures equipment remains stationary while used as worktable
Scissor Hand Pallet Truck


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