Stackers (Complete Range)

Maini Stackers

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  • Enhanced safety : Switch which simultaneously cuts-off power supply to motor and actuates parking brake
  • Speed control : Micro-processor based motor based controller for precise and stepless throttle control
  • Drive unit : Fully closed oil lubricated gearbox integrated with AC / DC motor Electric system : Single 24 V cross-mounted battery of capacity 330 Ah / C5, 240 Ah / C5, 420 Ah / 5h
  • Hydraulic system : 2kW pump motor with an integrated reservoir. Steel piping connects hydraulic components. Brake valve is inserted to control lowering speed

TOTAL OPERATOR COMFORT : The new ergonomically designed handle enhances steering comfort
VISUAL INDICATOR : Beacon is provided as an optional feature for a visibility from long distance to know the presence of the equipment
Hydraulic System CLEAR VISIBILITY : Wide & Robust mast for enhanced and clear visibility
velocity fuse RIDER COMFORT : Vibration damped stand-on platform which automatically returns to vertical position springs
CONTROL PANELS : All the controls are easily accessible
QUICK BATTERY CHANGE : Standard battery rollers for quick and effortless replacement
EASY MAINTENANCE : Modular drive unit, hydraulics and electronics -easy access for service and maintenance
MAST TILT : Tilted cylinder allows for safer movement of loads
Semi Electric Stackers

Model : MS 10B Std/Spl
Capacity : 1000kg
Lift height : Upto 3100mm

Specification :

• Light, maneuverable and stable
• Ideal for in-plant operation which require frequent lifting & Lowering of loads
• Lift function is electro hydraulic while movement is manual
Electric Stackers (ST 10i / 12i Series)

Model : ST 10i / 12i
Capacity : 1000 /1200 kg
Lift height : Upto 4200 mm

Specification :

• Light duty applications
• Better economy & performance
• Wheel configuration ensures positive traction for firm grip and better stability
• Battery Discharge Indicator with Pump Lock out and Hour Meter
Electric Stackers (ST 15i Series)

Model : ST 15i
Capacity : 1500 kg
Lift height : Upto 6300 mm

Specification :

• Versatile stacker, useful in almost all industrial work environment
• Ergonomically designed for enhanced productivity and safety
• Ideal for operation in narrow aisles and busy gangways due to compact design and small turning radius
• Ability to undergo highly intensive stacking and transportation in minimum time
• Battery Discharge Indicator with Pump lockout and Hour Meter
Counter Balanced Stackers

Model : SC 10 / 14 / 18
Capacity : 1000/1400/1800 kg
Lift height : Up to 4200 mm

Specification :

• Ideal combination of a stacker and forklift
• Features of a sit-down style fork lift without its high costs
• Can handle any type of load
• One vehicle for all operations
• Battery Discharge Indicator with Pump Lockout and Hour Meter

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